Types L and K are approved for air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) applications. ASTM G22. Suva refrigerants ® The materials most commonly used refrigerant pipes of carbon steel, aluminum and copper. Modular Mechanical Type Sealing Assembly Fire-Rated Penetrations Escutcheons 3.2.17 Access Panels 3.2.18 Field Applied Insulation 3.2.19 Field Painting Color Coding Color Coding Scheme 3.2.20 Identification Tags 3.3 CLEANING AND ADJUSTING 3.4 TRAINING COURSE 3.5 REFRIGERANT PIPING TESTS This chapter explains how to compute the pressure drop, both by the use of equations from fluid mechanics as well as by special-purpose charts. REFRIGERANT PROPERTIES, REFRIGERATION CYCLES AND SI UNITS, Chapter 6: Somewhat different requirements apply to the various section of pipe, depending on the location and purpose served in the system. Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems, Material Handling and Packaging Equipment, Electrical and Electronic Contract Manufacturing, Chapter 1: MIL-C-3133C (MIL STD 670B) Grade SBE 3 . Its unique internal restrictor reduces liquid flow to a level below the capacity of the compressor. Consequently, it cannot be bent, compact or flared without fractures and cracks in the skin. BEST IDEAS. B. 9.2 CATEGORIES OF PIPING. An error occurred while processing the form.