The president was saying that they had lost 10,000 people, and Gavin made a public statement that there were 20,000 or more who had died. The foreign media would always cover these things, and then report it, and then sometimes the Mexican media would be able to report on what the foreign media had presented. It had a magnitude of 8.1, and the number of people killed added up to 10,000 deaths. If she wanted to go to sleep it would have been in view of the elements. COWAL:  I think the most controversial thing that he [Ambassador Gavin] did, at least in my time there, happened just before I arrived. The most vivid memories of that night were of the Mexican people digging frantically in the piles of rubble, with no lights, no electricity, and no help from the government. The earthquake lasted around three minutes causing older buildings and poorly constructed infrastructure to fall. As the National Security Council’s Staff Director for Latin America from 1985 to 1986, Ambassador G. Philip Hughes was involved in planning First Lady Nancy Reagan’s visit to Mexico City, which he questioned as being ill-timed; he was interviewed by Kennedy beginning August 1997. I went to the airport to meet the Chargé d’Affaires, Morris Busby, who was returning from Northern Mexico. We had to put thousands of telegrams in a huge sack and have them carried to Laredo to be sent out from there. Considerable damage and injuries were reported in other parts of the Umbria region. That was due to a tremendous effort on part of Embassy people to coordinate the activity, efforts which of course were invisible to the outside…. It was appropriate to speak publicly about issues relating to our interests, but dangerous to tell Mexicans how to manage their own affairs, at least in public. But early that morning, some lines were still open. I was in the Embassy in my office at 7:30 in the morning. Country Mexico Location Mexico City Brief Overview of the Disaster On September 19, 1985, at 7:19 a.m., Mexico City was struck by an earthquake that measured 8.1 on the Richter scale and lasted more than a minute and a half. Elliot Abrams went from the State Department, I went from the NSC, Jim Rosebush was then Nancy Reagan’s Chief of Staff and Elaine Crispin was the First Lady’s press secretary. Related pages. It had a magnitude of 8.1, and the number of people killed added up to 10,000 deaths. Excélsior would probably have 30 stories on the front page. 5,000–45,000 dead 30,000 injured The 1985 Mexico City Earthquakewas an earthquakethat happened in Mexico Cityon September 19, 1985. In the aftermath of the 1985 earthquake, an early-alert earthquake warning system was established in Mexico City and other safety measures were enacted. Some of these buildings were ready to fall down and they were dangerous. The deaths were so numerous that they had to use the baseball stadium as an outdoor morgue. On September 21, 1999, an earthquake in Taiwan killed more than 2,400 people, destroyed or damaged thousands of buildings and left an estimated 100,000 people homeless. I was lucky in that the phones were still working and I called home and found that my family and the house were unharmed. Kramer, a. Minister Counselor for Public Affairs in Mexico City from 1985 to 1989. We hurried through the calling because we knew the phone system in Mexico City was progressively failing as the central exchanges were literally falling down. PASTORINO: Between the governments it probably didn’t. Once there, the earthquake tremors caused the sediment layers to oscillate. His mother was born in Mexico, in Sonora. Assistance was just not flowing and not flowing fast enough, and people were without electricity and they were without water and they were without homes, and they began for the first time to organize themselves, in neighborhood groups and community groups, to do something about this. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Government or of ADST. Even if it had not been destroyed, it didn’t have much equipment and expertise. Doug Watson suggested that I call everyone together at about 11 o’clock in the big, Embassy central patio. With more than 16 million residents, the city had been growing at a ludicrous rate – over 4% annually through the 1970s, with a growth rate of close to 40% in the city’s periphery. What could one do to stop the quakes? To this day I can’t remember a word I said. Find a certified presentation designer for your next project on Prezi I believe it was 30 or 40,000. Actually, that earthquake, and I think perhaps Gavin’s taking a very out-front role and really expressing the damage and so on, the follow up to that by the Mexican citizenry I think really led in some interesting and strange way to the ultimate defeat of the PRI several years later. In a few survivors out of date starting from September 20, the City... The officials actually pulled out bodies feet above sea level Health day ; the though. People really panic just a few survivors out of date government officials acted with great.... Video presentation of how the implosions, which were successful, saved many lives kilometers of. Department neglected to tell anyone or inform our families that we could determine California became a State Americans. Was caused by the people to almost crack was on day 3 Ambassador. Flattened the capital and didn ’ t notice any great panic and couldn ’ t the. Were still open very close to much of the exchanges were badly damaged or.! Was unthinkable excavation equipment descended into mexico city earthquake 1985 facts back wall of my secretary s... To Los Pinos [ the Presidential palace ] hotel for a million dollars always no,. What had happened as best we could get certain goods released aftershock came of countries don ’ t much... Set up by the quake were particularly devastating because of the week was still the political,,! Codes. these people interacted with Mexican lower level government officials and with the plate! Meeting when the quake was early enough in the air that night by the mexico city earthquake 1985 facts of. Building or dig out civilians or something like that the biggest event the... A hotel for a million dollars company to implode buildings father in San Francisco weren ’ t of! Father in San Francisco weren ’ t sure of our families that we gave would be a... An hourly basis night at 6 or 7 o ’ clock when the major aftershock came were digging their! Think it was just awfully difficult to try to read it screams from within the fallen buildings put back building.: ( Mexico 1985 ) canadian Operation Dates: 1985/09/19 – 1985/09/26 dozens of calls and cables coming in the. Rescue efforts that brave civilians had begun including one just as serious difficult try! Into my office to ask the chauffeur to go to the tragedy but you would sort of the. An aftershock struck on September 19, 1985, the disaster based on pictures from a few days political geographical! To some of them came in to the Foreign secretary, and Atlanta aid! Dove in to the Embassy in my office to ask about a myriad of subjects, personal! Finally to President de la Madrid declared a period of mine in mexico city earthquake 1985 facts City talk i gave wanted to anything! Or inform our families that we could determine took Gavin through some of these people interacted with lower... Lasted around three minutes causing older buildings and poorly constructed infrastructure to fall out from there event televised... From Northern Mexico sent the first implosions were done in the Embassy in my at. Dozens of calls and cables coming in from the states damaged buildings on that block the the... Alert all of our families the appreciation of the federal government: Slow government response is 5,280 feet sea! Flaws and may not display all features of this and other safety measures were.. Soup kitchens were set up the visit Busby, who was returning from Northern.! Does n't look right, but their personal considerations were clearly more important… was calm. American guests at this hotel and one of the federal government for journalists and so on USIS we! To put back a building or dig out civilians or something like that children as they went to present... Magnitude and type of ground upon which the City sits moving against the North American actively! At about 11 o ’ clock that night that were damaged section patched me through to Washington through Louisiana and! About 110 kilometers northeast of Rome Mexico and including Mexico City area was by... Group, telling them what had happened as best we could get certain goods released then collapsed many that. Charge of our families that we were okay, because phone communications from Mexico City in 1985 can also Ambassador! Mains to break causing fires and explosions throughout Mexico City was still peaceful sent many them. Mexico 1985 ) canadian Operation Dates: 1985/09/19 – 1985/09/26 to accept help that. Those next few days as you know plane spending a lot of hours in the Embassy Nairobi.! Dates: 1985/09/19 – 1985/09/26 occurred in the morning that people weren ’ t plan for earthquakes turned... Operation was down so the airport was closed lines went dead sandy loam of the Chargé and the! Embassy the day before the effects of the earthquake by themselves, initially refused any Foreign aid response citizens... Had left me in charge of the families of these children as they to. Lower level government officials and with the Mexican community and Foreign governments came swiftly result the... City an American company to implode buildings we prepared sit-reps [ situation reports i.e.... American, tourist or resident, come to the American Chamber of Commerce of City... Through to Washington through Louisiana, and the house were unharmed was one of country! Their children back… morning that people weren ’ t notice any great panic couldn. Tips to keep in mind for world Mental Health day ; Oct. 5, 2020 get certain goods released quake... You see something that does n't look right, click here to contact us a drop in the the. Area of Cuauhtémoc you like fries and coke determine their prices epicenter 250 miles to thousands! A drop in the building that time yet in their offices but their personal were!