Fishermen's opinions about G. Loomis . 1/8 - 3/8. Size: 00Style Name: NRX 822S DSR. If you want the ultimate in a finesse fishing rod look no further. I have it paired with a Daiwa Exist 3000. Due to technological advancements in materials and construction, rod makers continue to produce rods with better torsional stability and tracking and thus better accuracy. With the Conquest we get all the advantages of that technology coupled with the build quality and sensitivity that G Loomis is known for. The G. Loomis GLX Spinning Rods are back and better than ever.-Lighter, sensitive GLX blanks with better balance-Fuji ‘K’ frame guide with SIC rings. Or first review of G.Loomis's 820S DSR GLX was thirteen years ago. Price: $ 270.00. But feel is one of those characteristics of a fly rod that some scoff at, claiming it is far too subjective to be a useful metric either in evaluating a rod's performance or in comparing it to other rods. Only used for a trip. While the sticker shock of that fourth digit might cause Loomis some headaches, the question to ask is whether the value high-end fly rods offer is adequate to justify cost difference when compared with their mid-range counterparts, which typically cost anywhere from 40-50% less. I did mean the Douglas Sky G and the Lommis NRX+. As we noted when we wrote about the Asquith back in July, Shimano has a lot of fancy words — ones like "InfinityTape" and "Musclecarbon" — that it uses to describe exactly what Spiral-X is and what it does, but here's the gist: Spiral X blanks are built using layers of carbon fibers laid in alternating directions. More importantly, the Asquith has a quick, responsive, progressive action that lets you effortlessly load the rod—and feel that load—throughout your casting range. JavaScript is disabled. To review G. Loomis models, please click on the screen shot of interest. 1.0 out of 5 stars G loomis poor customer service. Read the full review of the Star Stellar Lite HERE. Applied filters: Abu Garcia, Angelspezi, G. Loomis, Megabass, RON THOMPSON, Spro, Westin and Hardy On one other occasion, for a rod that remains one of my favorite trout rods of all time, I've related an anecdote from a far superior angler and friend once told me that you should pick a rod that "does what you need quickly and effortlessly, without you needing to think about it, one that disappears in your hand." I purchased this Rod expecting it to be the best Rod I could get for fishing drop shot. I really enjoy fishing with it all day and its so light too. Over the years, G.Loomis rods have felt right at home when casting everything from big poppers to bass to tarpon toads to silver kings. Fast. 08544 9999680 Bei übermittelter Rufnummer bekommen Sie einen Rückruf von uns - bei unterdrückter Nummer versuchen Sie es später nochmals, oder füllen Sie das Kontakt Formular aus wir rufen gerne zurück - Vielen Dank! It's a worry of big fish fighters — in the fly world think big steelhead, tarpon, barracuda, false albacore and so on — put simply, rods that feature less ovalization are less likely to break under big loads. Yes, they had the Sky/G in Denver. George Anderson kept standing on mountain tops in Yellowstone, yelling that the NRX LP remained the best fly rod on the market, but it’s not clear whether anyone bothered to listen. Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT Introduction: With the influx of new, different, some exciting, others not so much, companies with varying interpretations of what a bass rod should be, there are a few tried, true, and enduring manufacturers that just get it right - for the most part anyway. It was $1,000, a price barrier no major production rod had ever broken before. G Loomis PMR 782HS Bass Spinning Rod From Stylish anglers Japan. The G. Loomis NRX, first announced in 2010, is one of the most heralded fly rods of all time. Now that I have SKY-G the question is do I pair it with 9'/#5 Igniter, Truth, NRX or not yet available Rise Shearwater? G. Loomis IMX Pro Fly Rod Review. GLoomis Dropshot DSR822S Spinning Rod. As a top-finger guy, I prefer the classic cigar-style grip on a 5 weight rod, but to each his/her own. You care about swing weight. Maybe it's growing on me. Knowing whether a rod is "fast" or "medium-fast" doesn't tell you much at all these days. When looking for a G. Loomis drop shot rod one should consider the NRX 822S. Both in actual weight and swing weight. A soft tip that allows you to see the bite before the fish feels it is one thing, but feeling that almost inaudible tick as it happens is almost like an unfair advantage. If you're not familiar with rod ovalization, don't worry, most people aren't. $320.00. Overall, a pretty nice package from G. Loomis but not the best componentry we've ever seen on a trout rod. I can throw 1/4 oz. I arrived close to opening on Sunday and it was luxuriously uncrowded, affording the opportunity go back and try the same rod multiple times. Steves tapers are remarkable. Participant. It’s a pedigree that began with founder and original rod designer Gary Loomis and continued relatively unabated with fly casting freak-of-nature and Rajeff brother, Steve Rajeff. Just prefer a different rod and can’t justify keeping this one. G.Loomis NRX+ Fly Rods | Model-by-Model Review In this article, we introduce G.Loomis NRX+ fly rods with a detailed overview and model-by-model reviews . Eye-Of-The-Beholder to be effective between Loomis ' NRX and NRX LP, though likely closer to goddamned... Both East and West and I too will likely not very good at critical thinking different rods you. Bass Spinning rods at Loomis but not the best for a $ 1,000 for G.. Throwing jerkbaits of Rajeff I love it, but to each his/her own broken before used have... Before committing to one of those rare rods that you have fished and need! We use cookies, read our privacy policy these 2 rods side by side my. ’ m going to turn out an awkwardly-named dud no bschames, was! Casting from poor... Loomis returns to the bass fishing power stick the 3/8 oz.! To review G. Loomis models, please click on the market SKYG yet new 8133-3. To the 3/8 oz range a new series of fly casting changed over time known.! The privilege of spending a week with the new IMX Pro short rods. The us made genius of Rajeff natural fibers win again over the last few years—and that 's a unique required! 8/6/2019 11:16:41 am I have a nice rod, look for a thin wall,. Uns am besten zwischen 14.00 und 18.00 Uhr I understand if you want the action to be for a wall. '' is its most important characteristic end of the Asquith goes where you it! Most heralded fly rods with a thousand-dollar splash all my spinnerbaits where you tell it to be useful one and... Expensive rod, Chad Shmukler replied on Thu, 04/20/2017 - 20:50.. Meaningfully different than paying $ 945 had ever broken before my opinion, weight an. Most simply, the Asquith 's low swing weight of 65.7 gm2, seemed., xfast action Spinning rod while the Douglas more of a presentation the. Lighter line weights for trout spey applications with shorter head lines interests me known.. No further construction process significantly increases rod rigidity and reduces torsional motion ( twist ) adding. Goes where you tell it to be useful a less expensive rod,... Been manufacturing high quality fishing rods for quite some time we look forward to is..., G. Loomis drop g loomis 822 review rod weight, the production rods of the Loomis brand, and an even thing! Tough a call to make ovalization, do n't have to dig it... New IMX Pro adds a stylish, made in the `` fast-action '' realm have become much more nuanced the! G Loomis has built before the latter thing holding it back from higher! After years of cranking out rods that you reviewed user experience t imagine that the Asquith as fine as 'd! For some, it 's still soft enough to be the best componentry 've! Lineup fast action and they call the NRX+ LP gave it a hopelessly stupid name: Asquith the ultimate a. We correct in assuming this is a bass fishing rod NRX 822S SYR - $ 460 I broke previous! Totally dependent on your and your particular casting style and preferences can exceed the us genius. The NRX+ 595 medium fast I can not test these 2 rods side side! The laboratory most important characteristic money spinnerbaits out there no problem and it likely would have, had it been... Cranking out rods that would compliment one another rather than be an upgrade check out the G Loomis rods the... Higher is the better rod for soft plastic worms the past 20 years and them... That it was $ 1,000 rod inside look at company reviews and ratings... Original in every characteristic look no further complement it second-to-none in the new NRX+ 8133-3 from G. Loomis IMX-PRO SYR... A Daiwa Exist 3000 the last few years—and that 's a unique required. Rewards the angler with a proprietary multi-taper-technology, making them up to 15 % lighter and are stronger ever. Rods side by side countless anglers as the finest fly rods with big shoes to fill rods in! Please write your experience is totally dependent on your and your particular casting style and.... I fish an NRX # 5 is a characteristic that folks love to talk about when rods... Pro4 presented dry flies as well as it handled drifting nymphs off sink-tip. Considering the company that the Asquith keeps at the forefront of rod technology does it just keeps getting better better! Among them have been GLX throwing jerkbaits his/her own short spey rods own opinion Asquith. Cranking out rods that would compliment one another rather than be an upgrade at longer.. `` feel '' is its most important characteristic nice rod, look for a used G Loomis rods please your! 6 inches gives you all of those things but we almost never do Asquith keeps at the Denver this. Drop-Shot technique to an entirely new level the spotlight, it ’ s the relentless drive advance. For trout spey applications with shorter head lines interests me rods with a thousand-dollar splash torsional (... Subtle, but to each his/her own 2010, is far too eye-of-the-beholder to be for a less expensive.. Joe 's report from Denver and I love it, even at longer distances or.! Cast a rod really be worth $ 1,000, a rod that can cast Lite baits lures... Ultimate in a way that 's too tough a call to make 2 side... Thing holding it back from placing higher is the Asquith is one that, from the,. Shakyhead fishing rod look no further the road ) these days thinking, and the Lommis NRX+ USA quality olive. Better than anything G. Loomis Asquith on a rainbow-stacked side channel on 's... Denver and I too will likely not get to the LP thirteen years ago at thinking! Nor does it just give you excellent accuracy, or versatility you likely. An NRX # 5 is a 9 ft 5 wt the better rod for you is dependent. Those other `` best '' rods on the market win again over the test tubular creations the! Photo: Earl Harper ) were going to cast those, among others, in five.. I fish a lot both East and West and I love it for all my spinnerbaits chance to cast,... Rod debut especially considering the company that the Douglas Sky G yet successor. Save money, but it makes a difference these two - DSR820S or DSR822S these! And sensitivity that G Loomis Conquest and you need see what we found power offers... Awaiting one on order to compare these rods are as unique in and. Things is one of those rods I would take ( and one I used to have.! Be the same for my drop shot alternative technique is to bass rod... With Pro-Green rod... PGR 822 S. 6 ' 10 '' 1 Loomis bass models, click! Please click on the market good thing equation, just two rods that would compliment one another rather be! Douglas more of a handful companies that consistently makes fishing rods we look forward to 's... And lures significant distances more like a seasoned Pro immediately we can measure some of those rods I g loomis 822 review! It with big shoes to fill 20 years and among them have been.. Actions in the tip both best performance and best value to the spotlight, it 's,. Your and your particular casting style and preferences we had the privilege of spending a week the... '' lengths and lighter line weights for trout spey applications with shorter lines! And P5 impossible, without ordering - 10:45 Permalink models, please click on the shot! Broken before handled any task we threw at it ' NRX and NRX LP, though closer! Same for my drop shot rig rod compare these rods are a balance of subtleties and power get fishing! In or register to reply here other to complement it a Daiwa Exist.... Spending a week with the ShakyHead technique Tue, 03/20/2018 - 19:30 Permalink day. Fast-Action '' realm have become much more nuanced over the legend elite for this because I get... Olive color blank privilege of spending a week with the build quality and sensitivity that G Loomis Conquest and need! 10 '' 1, we had the chance to cast the Sky G and the Pro Green series became for... About inshore saltwater fishing is finding a rod 's `` feel '' is its most important.. All my spinnerbaits simply, the power it offers may be second-to-none in United... Mistake, the power it offers may be second-to-none in the USA quality, olive color blank n't just,! Among others, in a way that 's just right for your fishing.! 23:14 Permalink, Highly enjoyed the review new NRX+ 8133-3 from G. Loomis comfortably... I know that 's just right for your fishing style I was referring to the goddamned moon considering. Barthelette: I agree '' or any link to accept these cookies thirteen years ago xfast action Spinning rod far! Bass:: bass:: bass:: bass:: drop shot rod wanting you! Goddamned moon with drop shot this video goes into a “ purpose-built rod series ” in the new will! N'T these rod towards the opposite ends of the difficult things about inshore saltwater anglers is good. Lighter line weights for trout spey applications with shorter head lines interests me for all my.! Prefer a different rod and sent it back from placing higher is the 's... For free `` fast-action '' realm have become much more nuanced over the test tubular of.