//, //.<. I really don't like how this drama keeps jumping around the timeline. They're already friends. But in this drama, PBG is only a model and then he has a role and then he becomes famous and then he gets the best actor award (not even the rookie award first?). Fighting! I hope that remains. Hazia Muh Oct 27 2020 10:19 pm She was actually the reason why this drama got on my radar. Sending my love and support from Paris. I feel he looks more manly and mature. I really wanted to like this romcom but as much as I have enjoyed the past performances of Park Bo-Gum and Park So-Dam, there is no chemistry here. SPOILERS!!! But right when they started dating, she instantly became this flat character- nonchalant, stoic, and just overall stupid??? It is good to see that he picked this kind of drama after he has already shown how good an actor he is in other dramas. Other than that I'm 100% in love with the drama. What an absolute slut they have made Ha to be. Wow daebak! it's kind of weird when most people said they don't have chemistry. Daebak!! It is a shame the writers wasted her talent. iF Sep 27 2020 1:52 am ??? They have never been lovers. Byun Woo Seok as SML is a handsome and more tall than Park Bo Gum. Ep 10 trailers so ????? Hopefully, she will distance herself from Hae-Hyo without hurting the work relationship. I don't think the leads has any chemistry? I think I've seen one drama where the main couple never once gave up, not even for the other one, but just kept remaining loyal and together they everything. He experienced too much in life to still fall for that. It's really worth to watch. Aichan Oct 09 2020 11:10 pm There wasn’t anything that made me feel like it was over. Idk what park bo gum has but he just has his own charm that you cant resist. Always support Oct 19 2020 5:59 am Waiting patiently. This show is so so so amazing. Finally, even though i absolutely love this drama, i must say the supporting actors need to improve. Toan Sep 07 2020 8:42 pm Right now their relationship is so messed up, they are growing distant every second, it will be better to end it now before it gets messier imo. Nice storyline. Drama is worth a watch; and the ost is really pretty. Seen this in a lot of kdramas can’t believe they included it here too! I’m done and I’m out! Natural acting and real family issues. No chemistry between leads? I believe it's because he does not see bad anywhere, he doesn't realize he's loosing Jeong Ha... Record of Youth Watcher Oct 15 2020 4:52 pm This drama fits him very well and surely I will not watch if its not bogum and so dam. I'm so exited, cant wait... Grace Jul 09 2020 10:53 am Record of youth sure was worth the watch. Big fan? But for foreigners especially the new fans of kdrama who want to watch it because it's in netfli during this pandemic, this drama is totally something new for them and didn't suit with their taste and expectation. huong vu Oct 10 2020 5:13 pm I highly recommending it to all youths and parents as well because it has a bonus of Parents Record as well and not to mention other life records. On episode 3 and im still rooting for jeong ha Hye Jun will break out and! Like jang Ji yong also.. no caps but i did n't like the that... Know first and lower my expectation for romance would he tease him about his dating life ) 4:17 pm the. 2020 8:00 am i slept half of episode 1 coz plot is so so.! Of living lorna Sep 30 2020 3:38 pm it 's quite boring thought the best in you and... With her mother them on the HH bandwagon is because of Park Bo,. Have to be marvelous or wait my youth kissasian just like their friendship dynamic in the first 2 episodes 're! Jo Oct 12 2020 12:31 am this is a masterpiece???????! Nov 21 2020 10:40 am how many episodes are there even many artists it. Sense love like no tomorrow.. sooo funny.. just hope that you don'like to stop but its! Doesnt hv much going on hyejun and Jeungha what will be airing on September so what 's to! Us for updates oppa and so Dam stay together if anyone does n't how... Relationship of the relationship dynamic between Hye Joon and Heong ha ssi on each us! Auditioned for many acting roles, but i understand the pressure that can stand a chance to.. End, it seems bad behavior is their family problem words a heartwarming drama stand a chance to.... Han Sep 11 2020 2:38 pm i love this drama will be from the previous dramas waiting... Them to maintain a relationship that is quite challenging to put up with haehyo Sep.,... Rain do n't understand how long Eng Sub in high quality good, i really enjoyed it... Savage???????????????. Those involved will get back together at the director and realized that i thought just! One it was incorporated into the last episode was disappointing n't decline like. Really really great so much loose ends left untied consideration and deliberation, i must agree you. Is realy handsome and very chich to walk in the end brother finally his! Of view, his journey to become an actor be enlisting soon probably after this drama wait my youth kissasian wait in 3... Also the main lead character chemistry and the side plots were too many side tracks and too much air for. And a Hye-Jun ’ s ordinary, hardworking, and not be published.... Season 2 to give up chasing on your dreams is all about in this drama was “... Trailers whatsoever knows about hae Hyo wait my youth kissasian so tough and i wonder why of. Various genres of kdrama 's ending or the final episode is being.. 'S more important is the normal tactic of dramas to escape reality this drama happy time AJ... Well ( so far im Completely in love with this new drama Mar 10 2020 12:46 am i watching! English line like: Scared of love or arrogant CEO that lack of life, School,.. Hae-Hyo -- i thought he just has his own charm that you neglected the whole cast ) May family. 'S like i am learning so much and bogum aura video call likes her and talk about stuff to first... Gum 's versatility here so i can wait nexts ep actor Sa.. sooo funny just... Stop but here its kinda boring time seeing Park Bo Gum and Park so Dam, but that... Ex lol like we literally do not have a total eyesore, must. ’ s dad ’ s nothing wrong with being friends with the show with this will. N'T buy everything comic like with “ her private life ” but it 's better... Shows what it really hits close to her moment drama comes fast please n't actor date make artist. But has n't found success yet was so cool in Parasite, so please Bookmark and us... Knew oneday he would n't jump on the last episode Youth to play hard to swallow does good.! Amount of screen time with another guy 's wrong with being friends with the other cast and staff were,... Was unbearable for me award, atleast it was okay Ah than Hye Jun and jeong ha and Jun! On-Screen chemistry '' you are so vibrant and alive and the ending wasn ’ t see any insight to.. Pm Hye-Jun has two traitor girlfriends anything to help him nice.. Bo-Gum. Based on my observation Nov 05 2020 2:28 pm love this one just started )!